Always Nintendo Interviews: Fusty Game, Developer of Hover: Revolt of Gamers

Hover: Revolt of Gamers Interview Always Nintendo

Always Nintendo recently got the chance to speak with developers of Hover: Revolt of Gamers, Fusty Games! There’s a bunch of new information revealed in this interview, so keep an eye out! You may just find some cool stuff…

AN: People are really excited about Fusty Game’s current Kickstarter project titled Hover: Revolt of Gamers, but people may not know that you guys have already released a few titles! Can you tell us a little bit about what you guys do and why you love to do it? 

Video Games have been a passion since our childhood, and we always wanted to create ones by ourselves.
We did graphic/3D studies and 3 years ago we began our first game named “The Secret of Space Octopuses”, a 2.5D platformer, despite the fact that we were totally inexperienced in 3D Graphics and programming. We developed this game for 2 years then released it on mobile devices in September 2013. In November 2013, we won the Retro Game Jam with our game “Super Commodore Holy Tank Soccer Deluxe” developed during only 32 hours. After that we began Hover.
What we like the most in video games is the fact that you can transport players to other worlds and give them new sensations. We are really ambitious and want to realize high quality games that are also very generous.

Fusty Games Wii U

AN: How did Fusty Game come to be? 

We first met each other during our studies, and a strong bond was born between us. We have the same tastes and the same ambition that allow us to work very fast and have very constructive conversations. Each of us has his (or her) own skill: Marine works on character design, Charles builds Environments, and Pierre is in charge of the gameplay. For now we are still a small team without any funding and it’s the first time we are making a Kickstarter campaign. We really want to stay as independent as possible. Without our creative freedom we would have no pleasure creating games.

Hover: Revolt of Gamers Wii U

AN: Most game developers decide that they want to make games because they’ve been inspired by other people in the Game Industry. Who was your inspiration? How did you get started creating games?

All 3 of us were really touched by the N64/Dreamcast period with fun colourful games like Mario 64, banjo, Perfect Dark, Jet Set Radio, Crazi Taxi…. Of course, nowadays, these games became old, look too rigid or lack interactivity. We want to keep these games’ spirit alive by bringing more modern techniques and dynamism.

AN: What sets Fusty Game apart from  other developers in the Game Industry?  Do you feel as if you add something  new and unique to it?    

We are developers as well as gamers. As such, we are sad to notice that ambitious games always have cold, violent and realistic atmospheres, and on the other hand colorful and creative games are always small projects lacking of funds and ambition. Our aim is to blend together the best of both categories, keeping a highly fun and fanciful spirit but with very modern techniques and gameplay.

AN: Would you be able to explain the concept of Hover: Revolt of Gamers to some of our readers who haven’t heard of it as yet? Basically, what is the game about? What will players find themselves doing in the game?

The game takes place in a vast futuristic extra terrestrial megalopolis. A new mayor declared war to all sort of leisure, and especially video games. A new synthetic police has appeared, taking away consoles and hunting their owners. A Gamer team decided to revolt against this. Equipped with high tech suits, gamers can run at highspeed and jump to incredible heights, that makes it easier for them when they have to take part to the anti propaganda missions, helping citizens or infiltrating gigantic warehouses to gather confiscated consoles.

Hover Revolt of Gamers Wii U Kickstarter

AN: Fusty Game has put a  lot of emphasis on the fact that Hover: Revolt of Gamers meshes gameplay elements from both Mirror’s Edge and Jet Set Radio (two amazing games indeed). What are some gameplay elements that are unique to the game that can’t be found in Mirror’s Edge or Jet Set Radio?  

Hover is first and foremost an open world with a vertical architecture and it is also a very futuristic and interactive city. You will be able to jump on flying cars or hang on a vertical train with complete freedom. The game is very cartoonish and Gamers have incredible high tech boots that prevent you from dying after a long fall. You will often love to throw yourself from gigantic hundred meter-high buildings. One of the most unusual thing in Hover is the ability to bounce. The height of your bounce will depend of the power of your momentum or fall, and you will be able to bounce like nothing you’ve ever seen in this sort of video game.

Hover: Revolt of Gamers Perk Grid

Each playable character has his own perk grid in order to improve their skills. The game is also multiplayer and the missions will start in a dynamic way. Players can join you and help you at any moment or be a part of a rival gang and play against you. We are also developing a non linear story-line with a 100% in game narration. Of course, the game is particularly adapted for new technologies giving thrilling sensations, like the Occulus Rift.

AN: What are some real world things that inspire Fusty Game to go out and make game I could definitely see Parkour and (Extreme?) Rollerblading being possible suspects…

What we like the most in video games is that we can explore unknown universes and live in some situations that don’t exist in real life. Then you must understand that we aren’t interested in realistic or historical games. Concerning Hover, the desire to run and bounce everywhere was our main motivation, as well as exploring with a total freedom a gigantic city like in Star Wars or the 5th Element.

AN: What game development tools are you guys using to build Hover: Revolt of Gamers?  


Hover: Revolt of Gamers Wii U

AN: How have Fusty Games’ past titles been received in the past? What do you plan to do this time around to improve the reception of your game? 

The mistake we made concerning our first game was maybe to release it only on mobiles. It was a complex game that deserved real controls. Just a few people really handled the gameplay and then were able to enjoy all its possibilities. That’s why with Hover, we want to make it simple to handle and then let anybody play and enjoy it immediately. Of course our game doesn’t lack challenge or technique.

AN: Can gamers expect to see a Miiverse community for Hover: Revolt of Gamers sometime after the game’s release? 

We love the Wii U and if we’ve put a higher stretch goal for this console ($100,000), it’s in order to give it our very best. If we get to the Wii U stretch goal, we will do all we can to exploit at best its possibilities. Concerning Miiverse, it would be so great! We will see what we can do in given time.

Hover: Revolt of Gamers Poster

AN: What does your Kickstarter funding for Hover: Revolt of Gamers go towards in the development process? 

To develop a game takes a long time and many people. The more we get money, the more we can take the necessary time or recruit talented developers to make the game even better. We have high expectations for Hover and we want to stay independent to keep the spirit of the game intact until the end. We want to make players happy. For example, they demanded Hideki Naganuma for the soundtrack and thanks to them we had the courage to ask him, and he said yes. The Kickstarter funding will allow all this to become a reality.

AN: Woah there guys! Your final stretch goal of $100,000 would add local multiplayer modes to the Wii U! I’d really love to be able to play Hover: Revolt of Gamers with some of my family members. Why did you guys decide to make this the absolute final stretch goal? 

This is not the Final Stretch goal. If people keep giving money, we will surely have more things to offer. The Wii U is a special console, less powerful than other consoles we’re working on. The Wii U has particular controls that demand time to correctly make the most of. Furthermore, creating local multiplayer mode is a real challenge when taking into account the openworld and dynamic aspect of Hover. We are only three, this will force us to take supplementary time to have this mode well-optimised and this is why the Wii U strech goal is so high.

Hover: Revolt of Gamers Main Character

AN: Finally, did you have any new screenshots or videos you wanted to share with fans awaiting the upcoming Game? Also, what do you want to say to people thinking about getting your game or supporting your Kickstarter?

New screenshots and videos will regularly be published on our kickstarter and facebook pages in the following weeks. We are demanding developers and we don’t want a badly slapped together game and modes, this is why we hope we can count on people’s support in order to take the necessary time for the good development of Hover.

Thanks for taking out the time to interview Always Nintendo, Fusty! Our staff and our readers wish you luck with this game’s development and your future endeavours! Stay classy!

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