Always Nintendo Editorial : A Link Between Worlds Is a Link To It’s Past

I’m gonna start off by saying: This is not a Review. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Is without a doubt a fantastic, wonderful game. It’s truly the sequel that A Link to the Past deserved. ALBW reflects Zelda’s past while setting a new example for Zelda’s future. Here I’m going to outline ALBW ties to Zelda’s past and it’s expansive timeline, Along with It’s own gameplay and story.


Hyrule Historia


ALBW goes outside the norm for Zelda games when it comes to referencing older games. We see the return of Link’s design from the pre-Ocarina of Time era. Seeing this is a Sequel to A Link Between Worlds, It’s nice. Early concept builds had Toon Link returning as the star.


It’s also refreshing to see a modern Zelda game (Modern meaning Gamecube and after) NOT try to connect itself to Ocarina of Time. Not that OOT Isn’t important. But A look back at past titles show a trend of game “Linking” (pun not intended) themselves to The Hero of Time. Skyward Sword, Wind Waker, and Twilight Princess show signs of this. It’s nice to see ALBW draw it’s background from other parts of the series.


A Link to Timeline


**WARNING: plot spoilers follow**


I was interested to see how ALBW would fit into Zelda’s timeline, Being the first game released since we got to see the timeline published in Hyrule Historia. ALBW fits into the “Decline of Hyrule and The Last Hero” timeline. Placing itself right at the end of the “Era of Light and Dark” and setting up for the “Golden Era” of Hyrule. Following the story of ALBW we see the unification of the Triforce and how the Royal Family gets ahold of it again. ALBW is fitting itself in with the timeline, and this is a trend I’m sure we’ll see with future games in the series. The Timeline will be more important to the Zelda franchise entry by entry, We’re gonna see a more unified story.

So is this a good thing or a bad thing? Will the stories of future Zelda games be tailored so that they can fit in the timeline? Well, Some of them will…And others won’t. There’s room for original stories that can tread new ground and introduce more to the series. There’s also room to reintroduce old places and characters; For those times when Nintendo will want to look back to Zelda’s roots and revisit old memories (Just like ALBW). We’ll be seeing more sequels and a more coherent story.

I’m happy with this. And you should be too.


Graphics and Gameplay


Being a sequel to A Lint to the Past, Naturally, ALBW borrows a lot of art and music from ALTTP. It features a largely similar overworlds and a totally remixed soundtrack and sound effects. The game is visually stunning and runs at an unbelievably silky smooth 60 FPS. And the game handles spectacularly. Every movement with the circle pad is smooth and fine tuned. I like the camera’s relative movement to Link. Even small things like Link’s walking speed, turning radius and the speed of the sword swipe. The obvious result of a lot of playtesting. And the UI is simple, clean and elegant.


The gameplay is unbelievably (or completely believably)  solid. I mean rock solid. The pinnacle of top down Zelda games. The gameplay was always fun and never counter-intuitive. Wall Merging works well and is a great puzzle mechanic. It allows itself to be a versatile tool as well. You’ll probably find yourself using it in battle to sneak behind shielded enemies or to move across a room easier.


And obviously one of the large selling points for the gameplay is completing the dungeons in any order. Which is nice. I do however remember having to complete the Thief’s Hideout before the Desert Temple. The Thief’s Hideout is the first and only dungeon that the game “encourages” you to complete, It’s the closest one to the point where you can first start to explore Lorule. Although,  I believe this is the the only time this happens.


Final Thought

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is remarkable. It’s hard to say, because I don’t like putting one Zelda game above another., But this is one of the best. Period. It’s the Zelda game you’ve always wanted on the 3DS (Unless you’re still holding out for Majora’s Mask 3D). Enjoy it. It’s a modern classic.

What did you think of ALBW? Did you like it? Let us know below

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  • Great write up Joey so if its not a review what is it then?

  • Joey Burns

    Well, I guess it is kinda of a review, huh? I was shooting for more of an Editorial/Opinion piece, But I guess I wrote a review after all.

  • Nice article :D

  • You should definitely do more :)

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  • yahooeny

    Hey joey, nice to see you doing your own stuff.
    A comment on it’s place in the timeline: While I’m of the position that the Hyrule Historia timeline is kinda garbage (a third timeline based on Link failing? Really?) I’m really confuzzled on its placement after LttP. There’s an obvious reference to Majora’s Mask (actually, it’s just a Majora’s Mask) in Link’s room but according to HH, Majora’s Mask happens in a different timeline (they really didn’t think this through did they?)

  • Joey Burns

    It’s timeline places it right in between Link’s Awakening and the first The Legend of Zelda. Here’s a pic to clarify: As for the mask, It’s just a reference. There’s art of Mako from Wind Waker in a painting, among other things.

  • David Aguayo

    Was a good read (what I could read anyway, I haven’t played it yet =P) more content like this would be nice. Personally I’m excited to finally give this one a try at some point, but am currently in “save for Wii U” mode haha. Plus maybe I am holding out for MM3D just a bit >.>

  • Make sure to stay on the lookout :D We have a Super Mario 3D World review coming later tonight hopefully :D

  • Joey Burns

    Thanks! I’ll be sure to write more stuff like this!

  • David Aguayo

    Cool, I’ll definitely be looking for that.

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