Adventures of Pip Gives Kickstarter Another Whirl

Tic Toc Games just couldn’t let their Adventures of Pip fall by the wayside, so they’re relaunching the troubled title with another Kickstarter campaign. The new funding goal is only $40,000, a full $50,000 less than the developer’s previous asking price. The other good news here is that the Wii U version of the game is guaranteed if this new goal is met before October 4th.

Adventures of Pip takes 2D side-scrollers in a bold blocky direction with its creative pixel-absorbing mechanic. The titular hero levels up as he gathers the pixels of his slain foes which consequently alters his appearance and abilities. Players will have to use a combination of single pixel, 8-bit, and 32-bit Pip to navigate the game’s tumultuous perils and save a kidnapped princess from the evil clutches of the Skeleton Queen.

With over 40 days left, the campaign is already nearly at 25% of its goal. If things continue to go swimmingly for the plucky Pip and team, you can expect the game to swing into action early next year.

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