Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom (3DS)

Let me start off by congratulating the folks over at WayForward Technologies on the release of this game since it’ll mark the one year anniversary release of its predecessor. Let me give you a feel for this game. If you played the previous title, let me note that this game is in no way related to it in any way, shape or form. The developers took what was great in that game and completely remastered the whole experience for the player. So, what sort of adventure do Finn and Jake find themselves this time around?

As usual, Princess Bubblegum sends our heroes to a mysterious unexplored region in the Land of Ooo. If you haven’t guessed, it’s the Nameless Kingdom. Our duo finds themselves in a land filled with dangerous creatures and scattered with many ancient dungeons waiting to be explored. Their objective is simple: travel to three ancient temples and rescue the three princesses (Lullaby, Nightmare and Slumber) that have mysteriously disappeared.

Sounds simple enough, correct? Of course not! Otherwise it wouldn’t be fun for our heroes or the players, now would it? As you travel toward any of these ancient temples, you cannot resist the urge but to take notice that the game plays a lot like classic top-down Zelda titles. From the sword swinging action to the pot breaking mayhem, this game has it all. Every temple has unique challenges that require the player to think critically on how to escape or advance. I favor games that really challenge me to use the old noodle. A rare sight these days. This isn’t your typical get from point A to point B. There are challenges you must overcome in nearly every corner.

Compared to the other Adventure Time titles, you feel, see, and hear the differences. The original voice acting is what really drew me into this game. There’s nothing like playing a game and having your favorite characters actually interact with you.

Adventure Time Secret of the Nameless Kingdom 3DS

In regards to gameplay, you’ll find yourself as protagonist Finn with Jake securely in his shirt pocket. This humorously enough can be used as your shield. You start with three hearts and as you complete temples you find heart pieces that increase your health (now can you see the Zelda influence?). Swing your grass sword as you attempt to complete many challenges to unlock specific doors that hide much loot and treasure. As you progress through the game you’ll unlock special powers that can be used to solve future puzzles or defeat enemies with hidden weaknesses.

The enemies introduced to the game, are many found in The Land of Ooo. You’ll definitely feel oddly familiar with certain characters if you’re a fan of the animated show. Examples being magic pigs or mesmerizing caterpillars and the ever so familiar skeletons. As a special treat for fans of the popular television show on Cartoon Network, you just may find characters from your favorite episodes. For the sake of avoiding spoilers, I suggest you look “everywhere” both high and low. Part of the challenge these temples provide is your skills with memorization and problem solving which were skills I lacked when starting out, but eventually came up with clever solutions to. My advice to any of you picking up this game, take full advantage of your 3DS’ game notes functionality (can be found on the home menu located to the left of your friends list). This feature has became my trusty navigation guide which assisted me in breezing through several puzzles. Also, be sure to practice up on your retracing skills, it’ll serve vital to your success at completing puzzles.

Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom Review 3DS

Kudos to the sound team behind this game. Everything from Finn’s footsteps to enemies scrambling to deplete every last one of your hearts has a clean and crisp sound to it. The music matches the various environments, and the ambiance used in each mystical place you explore is top-notch.

All in all, this Legend of Zelda inspired title now has a special place in my heart for the sheer feel of it and amazing puzzles waiting to be solved and experienced. Will you join Finn and Jake as they explore this new land to discover the Secrets of the Nameless Kingdom? I’d highly recommend it as this game gets a solid 8/10.

Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom is now available in retailers for an estimated price of $29.99.

Review copy provided by WayForward

Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom (3DS)
With great gameplay and graphics, a healthy dose of challenge and amazing music, Adventure Time: Secret of the Nameless Kingdom is definitely a must-buy for fans of dungeon crawlers. Of course, it's a bit disappointing that this game doesn't utilize 3D graphics and can be tread a bit too lightly on hand holding (tutorials), that shouldn't stop you from picking up this valuable title. Adventure Time: Secret of the Nameless Kingdom gets a solid 8/10.
Graphics: 8.5
Challenge: 10
Sound And Music:9
  • Original Voice actors.
  • Great dose of challenge
  • Funny quotes from familiar characters
  • Slight lag in an area with many enemies
  • No hints for really difficult situations
  • No 3D visuals
8Overall Score
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