Ace Attorney Producer Talks About Series’ Future

Phoenix Wright’s been showing up everywhere this year whether it be storybook crossovers or upcoming HD remasters, but Capcom’s goofy purveyor of justice isn’t done quite yet. In a recent interview with Dengeki, series producer Motohide Eshiro stated that there’s a whole lot still on the docket for Nick and company.

Court Records has so kindly provided some translated nuggets of information. Here’s the skinny:

  • A lot of fans reacted positively to Apollo’s role in Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies.
  • Some people thought the game was too easy and they’ll keep that in mind for future games.
  • Eshiro was overwhelmed when Apollo ranked first in the NicoNico Ace Attorney character election (dates from August 2013). He’s also glad that characters like Blackquill and Fulbright ranked high.
  • AA:DD was originally planned to be a 3DS-only release, but since mobile apps were becoming more important, they wanted to know whether it would be possible to create a port. They made one scene, which was a bit troublesome, but they decided that this could work. While the 3DS and smartphones are relatively similar in terms of touch screens, they had to completely rethink the user interface because the 3DS obviously has two screens.
  • When asked by the interviewer whether the crisper character models were redone for iOS, Eshiro said no. 3DS/iPhone all have different screens with their own characteristics, so they come out differently.
  • The entire first chapter of iOS AA:DD is free because they did the same with iOS Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD. It’s a lot of gameplay, but the precedent had already been set and the chapter’s ending functions as a hook for the rest of the game.
  • Eshiro enjoys case 2 (notably the creepy and mysterious atmosphere) and case 3 while director Takeshi Yamazaki prefers the last case.
  • Eshiro knows a lot of fans want an anime, but such a project costs a lot of time and they just never managed to get the timing right for something like that. He maintains just an anime would be boring, so he would like to do something special with it if they were to produce one.
  • Personally, Eshiro would want to do a late night TV drama series, because he thinks the format fits Ace Attorney well.
  • The interviewer suggests an Ace Attorney concert, to which Eshiro laughs and said he would think about it.
  • Yamazaki would like to do something like a real-life game (i.e. escape the room games).
  • AA:DD is not the end of the series; The Great Ace Attorney for 3DS is also coming and they’ll want to do even more beyond that.

Even though I didn’t love AA:DD, it appears the entry has reinvigorated interest in the series, so no objections there. It’s also nice to hear that there are new Ace Attorney projects on the horizon albeit in an unofficial capacity. A late night TV drama would be all kinds of hilarious if Takashi Miike’s film is any sort of an indicator.

Don’t forget to show Pheeny some love while AA:DD is discounted now, and of course there’s that other new game he’s in too.

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