AC Month: Every Wave One amiibo Card Revealed

Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards

I love the smell of burning wallets in the morning! Oh, and while we’re on that topic, here is every wave one Animal Crossing amiibo card. If you didn’t know already, amiibo are Nintendo’s version of the toys-to-life figurine craze, with the amiibo being figures of popular Nintendo characters, such as Mario. However, these amiibo aren’t just limited to being physical objects; when scanned into certain games, you’ll unlock special bonuses, like Mii Racing suits in Mario Kart 8, new weapons in Hyrule Warriors, extra missions in Splatoon, and much more. However, those figures don’t come cheap. Pricing at over 12 dollars per amiibo, they can DESTROY your wallet if you want to collect them all. Combine that with some limited amiibo availability, scalpers, and stock problems, and your dollar bills will commit suicide. Nintendo realized this, and decided to test the waters with a new type off amiibo: cards! Launching in America/Europe with Happy Home Designer, amiibo cards will come in blind bags of 6. Since there are 300+ different Animal Crossing characters, Nintendo has decided to separate them all into waves. Each wave will have about 100 different cards, with most of them being villagers, and some of them special characters. Make sure to set your calendars for September 25th, as that’s when our new overlor–the new amiibo launch! Here they are, with their name and number:


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