A Line of Pushmo Merchandise is Available for Pre-order

With a hero as huggable as Mallo, the Pushmo/Crashmo line of games was just begging for plush merchandise. It may have taken a while, but manufacturer empty (yes, the company’s name is “empty”) has heard our pleas and delivered not only a plush but a pass case and rubber cell phone strap. All three are fittingly adorable.

The plush, seen in the header, has a width of 25 centimeters, a height of 25 centimeters, and is 20 centimeters thick. It retails for ¥3,780. You can purchase this plush at AmiAmi.

Pushmo- Mallo pass case

As you can see, the pass case is also plush-like. It features a lobster clasp attached to a nylon cord that can be extended via a reel contraption inside the case, allowing the owner to use the pass inside the case without removing it. The Mallo pass case measures 15 centimeters wide, 17 centimeters tall, and has a thickness of eight centimeters. You can purchase it at either AmiAmi or Hobby Search. It retails for ¥1,080.

Pushmo -  Mallo cell strap

The last piece of merchandise is the cell phone strap. Made of PVC, the charm of Mallo is approximately five centimeters tall. Its retail price is ¥540 and you can purchase it at AmiAmi.

All three of these delightful items are set to ship in mid-May 2015. Given how niche the series is and how few shops carry them, I would place your order sooner rather than later. Are there any of the three that caught your eye? I know that Mallo plush is calling my name.

[images via AmiAmi]

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