80 New Pocket Monsters Coming To Pokémon Go This Week

Pokémon Go is about to see the inclusion of 80 new Pokémon and a host of refinements. Later this week, an update will drop that introduces 80 Pokémon from Gold and Silver versions, with critters from Chikorita to Hoppip, and Cyndaquil to Marill being popular targets. This also includes the introduction of genders to Pokémon and the Gold/Silver-originating evolutions like Scizor and Slowking.

On top of new Pokémon, the update will bring some new items, U/I refinements, and more. The items will consist of evolution items (for Pokémon like Slowking, which evolves through a King’s Rock in the games), and new Berry varieties. The Pinap Berry will double the candies earned from a catch, while the Nanap Berry slows down a Pokémon’s movements.

Those same Pokémon will exhibit new behaviors for when trying to catch them as evasion tactics. While in the Capture screen, the interface has been streamlined so you can select your Berries/PokeBalls from a carousel. Finally, even more Trainer customizations will be introduced, allowing players to completely overhaul their appearance. New hats, shirts, pants, and more will be introduced.

Several Johto Pokémon have already been added through Eggs, including Pichu and Togepi among their numbers. This incoming update represents the largest new addition yet seen in Pokémon Go’s continuously evolving roster.

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