6,000 Pokémon Sun/Moon Players Are Now Banned Online

The Pokémon Company has confirmed around 6,000 Pokémon Sun and Moon players, or 5,954 to be precise, have been banned from the game’s online features due to “altered save data”. This ban applies to using ranked online battles, participation in Global Missions, and the Game Sync feature as a whole. Those who have been banned will be hit with the error code ‘090-0212’.

This online ban issue isn’t just applying to fake Pokémon, either. Select Pokémon being transferred through Pokémon Bank are experiencing issues as well. This ranges from the recent Meloetta event from 2016 to Pokémon from Red/Blue/Yellow not being allowed through if they have moves they no longer learn in recent titles.

Hacking in the Pokémon series has been a longstanding issue in the series. With online features in play, players may be wanton to generate Pokémon with unrealistic stats or impossible move sets, or create an endless parade of shinies, something statistically improbable given their rarity.

If you have not been generating fake game data within your copy of Sun or Moon, you should be safe. Thanks to Serebii.net for the heads up.

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