3DS Region Locking Bypassed

3DS Region Locking Bypassed

Smealum, the same individual behind pretty much every 3DS exploit so far, just released something pretty interesting. Called regionthree, this program allows users to run games from other regions on an unmodified 3DS using only a small file on an SD card and an internet connection.

While it does work on the most recent system version (and doesn’t require overpaying for any games about cubes, ninjas, or any combination of the two), it’s still not perfect. The program doesn’t currently work on either the New 3DS or the New 3DS XL, and the Home Menu cannot be used while playing a region-locked game, so you won’t be able to post your screenshots of Bruce Willisper to the Yokai Watch Miiverse quite yet.

Even still, the ability to finally play portable EX Troopers is worth putting up with a minor setback. Probably.

You can see a video of the exploit in action below:

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