3DS Homebrew Channel in Development

Homebrew is generally the best way to get homemade games as well as emulators onto a console or handheld. Nintendo has been shooting down every attempt at a homebrew channel for the 3DS, but one hacker may have just found a workaround to this problem.

Homebrew is, in short, unofficial software that allows users to create their own content on the device. The Nintendo DS ran it often through special 3rd-party game cartridges, and the Wii did it through a channel, which can be unlocked using certain game exploits.


French hacker Smealum has created a homebrew channel for the 3DS, which will work similar to that of how it works on the Wii.

Homebrew is illegal, and under no means are we supporting this illegal activity, but Smealum’s route of creating this homebrew channel avoids most of the illegal bits.

Smealum’s Homebrew Channel does not have 3DS ROM support, ensuring that this software doesn’t support pirating 3DS games, keeping this software a little more trustworthy in Nintendo’s eyes. Since 3DS ROMs can’t be supported, the primary purpose of this software is to be able to run emulators (which isn’t illegal if the original copy of the game is currently owned) as well as take away region-locking so players can play all their imported titles.

I personally think that this software is neat, and once it does come out to the public I may consider looking into it a bit more. Let us know what you think of this production and homebrew in general!

Via: Nintendo Enthusiast

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