3DS Hombrew Coming November 22nd

3DS Homebrew Launcher

For over two years now, a hacker known as smealum has been working together with a secret dev team to create a 3DS Homebrew Launcher for all 3DS models worldwide. With five days remaining for the pending release of this exploit, what can one expect?

As seen posted across smealum’s twitter feed, there is evidence that concludes a few facts. It will never be used to loads any kind of  ROMs, but it can be used to load emulators and custom apps. For this process of installing this Homebrew, it requires a physical or eShop copy of a particular game that will only be announced on release day. It’s safe to assume, once the release goes public, Nintendo will surely remove and or patch this mysterious game.

Though smealum states it will never be used for piracy, many question this theory. Here at Always Nintendo, we don’t condone the use or practices of installing any sort of firmware customization to any of their Nintendo devices.  How do you feel about this smealum? Is he someone that should be trusted in the gaming community?

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