3D After Burner II Soars to EU eShop Next Week

The European eShop will be blazing down the highway to the danger zone once 3D After Burner II  drops January 15th.

This souped up version of the beloved arcade classic features additional screen layouts, a new touch control scheme, and hosts a variety of other options to tweak, courtesy of dev extraordinaire M2, of course. Really the only thing absent from this otherwise perfect port is a segment featuring a shirtless Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer smacking around a volleyball because that’s what fighter pilots actually do.

No word when this title will hit the North American eShop, but it’s presumably on the horizon. Meanwhile, 3D After Burner II will cost a measly €4.99 in PAL territories, which would definitely take my breath away if I lived across the pond.

[Via Nintendo Everything]
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