20th Pokémon Movie’s Trailer Recreates Anime’s First Episode

The 20th Pokémon movie is coming in hot with its first full trailer. The trailer first aired on Japanese program Oha Star Thursday morning, recreating moments from the Pokémon anime series’ first episode, when Ash first met Pikachu.

If you’re wondering what the characters and narrator are saying, here’s a full transcript as written by fan site Dogasu’s Backpack:

Dr. Orchid (Oak):  “Well, the problem is that this is the only Pokémon left…”
Satoshi (Ash):  “I’ll take it, please!”
Dr. Orchid:  “This Pokémon is called “Pikachu”.”
On-screen text:  “Do you know?”
(Satoshi holds a Monster Ball (Pokeball) out toward Pikachu)
Satoshi:  “Pikachu, get inside this.”
Satoshi:  “Why won’t you go inside your Monster Ball?”
On-screen text:  “How those two first met?”
Satoshi:  “Hey you, do you intend to keep going on like this forever?”
Pikachu:  “Pika”
Satoshi:  “Do you not like me?”
Pikachu:  “Pika”
Satoshi:  “Well, I like you!”
Narrator:  “Will those two end up becoming partners?”
Satoshi:  “This huge world is filled with Pokémon I don’t even know yet!”
Satoshi:  “One day, the two of us will go out and meet it.”
Narrator:  “Pocket Monsters The Movie “I Choose You!””

In terms of differences with the original episode, not only is the animation updated with a more modern look, Ash also catches a Rainbow Feather from Ho-oh, something he did not obtain when the episode aired in 1997.

The trailer also gave a first look at the (presumed) English dub’s logo, confirming the dub title Pokémon the Movie 20: I Choose You! (top image)

The Japanese release of Pokémon: I Choose You! hits local theaters on July 15th, with the dub release sure to follow in the fall. A special event Pikachu, sporting each of Ash’s hats from the anime’s 20 year history, was datamined in Pokémon Sun and Moon and is presumed to tie into the movie’s release.


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