DeNA CEO Discusses Miitomo and Partnership With Nintendo


Today in an interview published by WSJ, the CEO of DeNA (Isao Moriyasu) discussed the company’s partnership with Nintendo.

When asked about upcoming smartphone app Miitomo and its counterpart membership program named My Nintendo, Moriyasu said that he wanted to create a way for users to connect across devices as well as connect them around the five upcoming games that the company has in store for players worldwide.

“Last year. We hadn’t decided on specific names of titles at that point, but we knew we wanted to create a membership service that could connect users across devices, and around five games that could be played on smart devices. And to expand that membership service, we knew we wanted to start by rolling out a game that could be used to communicate with friends.” –Moriyasu

Moriyasu followed up by saying that Miitomo will provide users with a “distinct Nintendo feel to the game that gives you a certain comfort and nostalgia”.

DeNA Nintendo

When asked about what makes Miitomo different from other social networking/messaging services, Moriyasu stated that Miitomo places more “emphasis on entertainment” meaning we can expect Miitomo to maintain the same game-like feel. “We’re thinking of linking the game with users’ Facebook friend lists. I think it could be fun connecting with friends people don’t often communicate with.”

One big question that has been on everybody’s mind is whether the five smartphone apps that DeNA releases will be monetized. We only know of Miitomo as of now, but Moriyasu says that the company plans to monetize the game by providing users with clothes they can buy for their mii characters.

You can check out the full interview on WSJ. What do you hope to see from DeNA and Nintendo in the future?

Source: WSJ

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