Rumor: Up To 14 New Characters Coming To Super Smash Bros. 4?


I’ve never been much of a snooper on websites, but today, I think I’ve come across something very interesting that might just be true:

I’ve been monitoring the Smash Bros. 4 site for a long time now, but if you check out the full site, you’ll see that all the character slots are taken, or so you might think…


I looked at the bottom of the official Smash Bros. 4 site where all the character copyright’s were and I saw a peculiar company name. Who you might ask? ©Creatures Inc. that’s who! Creatures Inc. was formerly known as Ape Inc. and was involved in the development of the first two games in the Mother franchise as well as Pokémon X/Y, Pokémon Emerald, PokéPark, and some other lesser-known Pokémon titles. Back to the story. If you take a look at the current Smash Bros. 4 character roster and compare it to Creature Inc.’s wiki, you’ll see that no characters from games they’ve developed are present in it. The only thing that I’ve seen so far is Xerneas from the Pokémon X/Y game (who isn’t playable at the moment):

If you’re completely lost right now, take another look at the list of names that I posted near the beginning of the article and read closely beside the characters list. Seeing Creature Inc.’s name got me thinking. Every other company name in that list has a playable character. Where is Creature Inc’s? Now think about it. As I mentioned before, Creature Inc. was one of the developers working on the Mother series (and Earthbound) which featured Ness and Lucas among other characters. Ness has been in all of the previous Smash Bros. games and Lucas was newly introduced in Brawl, so it wouldn’t be too hard to believe that the characters from the franchises would make another appearance, would it? But wait, all the character slots are taken:


If you DID think all the character slots were incorrect, think again! In your browser, open a new tab and head to the Smash Bros. 4 official site and zoom out as far as possible. It should look something like this:


That’s enough blank space for at least 14 more characters!

If you test zooming in a bit, you’ll see that the website automatically adjusts the characters to the size of the browser, so why isn’t it adjusting when I zoom out all the way? The answer is pretty simple. There aren’t enough characters to fill up the space! Just another reason why it might mean that not all the characters have been introduced as yet. Keep in mind though, this is only a rumor.

Of course, 14 characters would be overkill right? Well I do recall Masahiro Sakurai saying this:

“The reality of the situation unfortunately is that there are certain limitations on the 3DS,” Sakurai said. The 3DS and Wii U versions of the next Smash Bros will have the same library of characters.

“So we’re forced into the situation where we may need to reduce some characters to a certain degree, but we’re really working hard in order to include as many characters as possible.”

So maybe it will be a few newcomer-sized blocks (the width of 3 returning character-sized boxes) mixed in with the normal ones. What do you think about this rumor? The chances are very slim, but hey, with Nintendo, anything is possible!

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